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How to Apply

Center of Excellence application process


Review designation criteria

Review and confirm your facility meets the qualifying Centers of Excellence designation criteria.


Apply to be a Center of Excellence

Apply for one or both of our foundational designations, Lung Cancer Screening and Cancer Care.


Earn your

The GO2 team will work with you throughout the process to help you get approved and earn your designation.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a cost to become a Center of Excellence (COE)?
No – there is no cost to apply for or receive a COE designation.
Can any healthcare facility apply?

Yes, any facility that believes it meets the criteria for one or more designations is welcome to apply for that designation. COE-designated facilities represent all sizes and settings; small and large, rural and urban, private and government-run, academic and non-teaching.

Can I apply for just one COE designation?

Yes. The Lung Cancer Screening and Cancer Care Center designations serve as entry points into the COE program. Once your facility receives either or both of these foundational designations, you are welcome to apply for others.

Will my facility eventually be required to apply for the other COE designations?

No. There is no requirement to earn additional designations beyond the foundational Lung Cancer Screening or Cancer Care designation. We hope you will find the other designations inspiring and attainable, and we are here to support you in seeking them.

How do I submit an application for a COE designation?

Once you have reviewed and determined that you meet the required criteria for the designation(s),  apply by going to our COE application page.

What information will I need to provide in my application?
The COE application is a simple yes/no attestation to each criterion for that designation. An optional comment box allows you to provide more information and context behind any “no” responses. This helps us understand what actions are underway to address the current issues and how we can help.
My program has more than one location. Does each location need to apply separately?
If your program has more than one facility/location (for example, a lung cancer screening program with several outpatient imaging centers), each facility/location will need to submit a separate application. This ensures that we have complete and accurate contact information for each location.
Since each location needs to apply separately, can the same person be the primary point of contact?

The same staff member may serve as the primary point of contact for more than one facility/location.

What if my COE application is not approved?
The application process is intended to be collaborative and empowering. If you begin the application and discover some aspect of your program needing further development to meet COE criteria, we will work with you to identify strategies and solutions to address the issues. Then we will celebrate with you when the eligibility goal is met!
How do I maintain my COE designation after it is awarded?

Each year, programs will be asked to submit information that shows they have met and maintained eligibility criteria for the awarded designations.

Reporting program information to GO2 will be once a year.

What if I have difficulty submitting the program reporting information requested?
The program information reporting process is not meant to be punitive. Any program having difficulty locating its program information should not hesitate to communicate with us so we can assist them with problem-solving.
Does the program reporting information include any patient-level data?

Any program information we request from you will always reflect information about the overall program activity and outcome-level data. We do not collect individual patient-level data in the annual COE reporting cycles.

What do you do with the program information we submit?
The program information you submit to GO2 will be used to create an aggregated report of the entire COE network. Your program information will be returned to you in report form with the aggregated report of the entire COE network. This information will help you benchmark or compare your program activity to the national COE network. This information will also help your program review performance year-over-year for internal quality improvement initiatives.
Will our program information be shared publicly?

Identifiable program/facility information will not be shared with others outside GO2 or your program’s established points of contact for your COE designation(s).

What benefits do I receive as a Center of Excellence?
Program Development & Networking

  • Personalized technical assistance and support from GO2 staff and peer experts within the COE network.
  • Opportunities for learning and sharing best practices and collaborating with peers at the annual Centers of Excellence Summit with preferential COE-only pricing.
  • Members-only access to a private, peer-to-peer online community to share best practices, overcome challenges, and learn from other healthcare professionals.
  • Preferred access to designated content within GO2’s Global Knowledge Center for Lung Cancer (GKC).
  • Subscription to a monthly COE e-newsletter with access to the latest practice, research and policy updates and other pertinent news.
  • Quality improvement resources include aggregate COE Network quality performance reports across the COE network and opportunities to participate in periodic COE surveys and receive metrics reports and dashboards.
  • Research opportunities to advance our understanding of early stage and pre-cancerous disease, improve quality of life/survivorship, enhance patient care across the continuum, reduce stigma, and much more. Visit our research pages for descriptions of our current studies.

Program Promotional Tools

  • Acceptance letter with certificate of excellence
  • Exclusive promotional seals and materials for use on your facility’s website, social media channels, and marketing resources.
  • Template press release and social media posts.
  • Visibility to patients and referring providers through our listing in the national directory of GO2 Centers of Excellence.

Plus, being part of the GO2 community brings you: