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Together we build local excellence to confront lung cancer.

GO2’s Excellence in Healthcare Delivery program is the nation’s premier resource and support hub for healthcare professionals and their staff caring for people at risk for and living with lung cancer and their families.

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We offer numerous programs and initiatives, a one-of-a-kind professional community, and customized support.

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One-of-a-kind professional community

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What is a Center Of Excellence?

A GO2 Center of Excellence (COE) fosters and promotes the highest-quality early detection and treatment standards in lung cancer. Local community hospitals, clinics, and academic and VA medical centers are all part of the national COE network.

Our unique programs and offerings center around convening dedicated experts with diverse areas of expertise from across the country.

Centers of Excellence Summit

The Summit is a much-anticipated annual meeting for healthcare professionals to network and learn from national and international experts.

Lung Cancer Navigator Workshop

The Lung Cancer Navigator Workshop offers specialized education to lung cancer professionals that prepares, empowers, and positions them for success.

Global Knowledge Center for Lung Cancer

The GO2 Global Knowledge Center for Lung Cancer (GKC) is an education hub designed for all lung cancer healthcare professionals.

Simple steps to earn your designation!


Review designation criteria

Review and confirm your facility meets the qualifying Centers of Excellence designation criteria.


Apply to be a Center of Excellence

Apply for one or both of our foundational designations, Lung Cancer Screening and Cancer Care.


Earn your

The GO2 team will work with you throughout the process to help you get approved and earn your designation.
Leisa Lackey

Mary Pasquinelli, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, CTTS

Director, Lung Screening Program

Pulmonary and Medical Oncology
University of Illinois Chicago

GO2’s Excellence in Healthcare Delivery program has been an amazing partner for our thoracic oncology team. They’ve collaborated with us in our scientific endeavors, have been an invaluable resource in the start and growth of our early lung cancer detection programs, and developing our navigators through their Lung Cancer Navigator Program.

Learn more about the benefits of becoming a COE.

Centers of Excellence Network

Thoracic oncology business model

What began as a local innovation evolved into a scalable tool that any thoracic oncology team can use to build a comprehensive early detection program.

238,000 new lung cancer cases annually call for top healthcare professionals.

“I love attending the COE Summit and engaging with others who are passionate about their work in lung cancer. I always come home with new ways to improve our program and inspiration to achieve even more.”

Andrea Covey, MD

Medical Director, Kansas City VA Medical Center

“After attending the COE Summit in 2018, I took all the information we learned and all the contacts we made and put together a plan to grow our program’s capacity and reach. We went from one lung cancer screening navigator in 2018 to a 12-person team with four nurse navigators—two for screening and two for IPNs, and our patient volumes have grown so much that we are in the process of hiring our fifth navigator. We learned how to make this happen from networking at the GO2 conference.”

Leisa Lackey

Business Manager, Atrium Health, North Carolina

“I’ve had a wonderful experience with GO2. The resources have been incredible to me. And it’s definitely helped me develop our program into one of the most successful lung screening programs in Massachusetts for a community hospital.”

Jean Comeau, BSN, RN

Nurse Navigator, UMass Memorial Health

Questions about becoming a COE?