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Global Knowledge Center
for Lung Cancer

The Global Knowledge Center for Lung Cancer is an education hub designed for all lung cancer healthcare professionals.

Powered by the latest learning technology, its timely and transformative educational resources aim to improve the quality of life and survival for at-risk, vulnerable, underserved, and marginalized populations. The GKC offers multiple options for professional development including live events, webinars, and on-demand content.

GKC content areas include:

Emerging science

Practice standards

Therapeutic updates

Policy issues

Explore Global Knowledge Center courses

State-Based Strategies to Strengthen Reach and Impact

Experts will address the explores successes in state-focused collaborative efforts to identify, develop, and implement strategies that improve access, uptake, and impact in lung cancer screening


Mitigating Burnout

Revisit our live webinar from our 2021 COE Summit on Mitigating Burnout


Leveraging Mammograms to Reach At Risk Women for Lung Cancer Early Detection

Experts will address the outcome impact of optimizing lung cancer screening among eligible mammography patients


ACR Lung-RADS 2022: An Update on Lung Cancer Screening Reporting and Management

Join us to for a one-hour recorded webinar on the NEW ACR LungRADS 2022


Braidwood vs. Becerra: Background and Implications on the Affordable Care Act’s No Cost-Sharing Provision

Originally presented on July 11, 2023


Access, Equity and Quality: Breaking the Cycle for Vulnerable Populations

Expert will address the access, equity and quality of vulnerable lung cancer populations