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We are committed to excellence in healthcare delivery.

For over a decade, the Excellence in Healthcare Delivery (EHD) program has provided medical outreach and support to thousands of healthcare professionals who are dedicated to improving health outcomes and quality of life for everyone impacted by the disease.

Our commitment to the lung cancer community:

  • Work tirelessly to identify and respond to the challenges healthcare providers and teams encounter every day.
  • Bring together a national network of healthcare facilities that strengthens the lung cancer community and empowers them to bring hope to their patients.
  • Accelerate opportunities for advancements in the field through original research and data that transforms lung cancer care.

Since 2010, we have been building a collaborative network to share expertise, disseminate resources, and transcend barriers to solve the challenges facing the lung cancer community.

Our 900+ Centers of Excellence serve tens of thousands of people across the US including underserved, vulnerable, and at-risk populations.

We provide unparalleled support, access, and insights to ensure the highest standard of care.

Jean Comeau

Leisa Lackey

Business Manager
Atrium Health Lung Screening & Incidental Lung Nodule Programs
Atrium Health, North Carolina

GO2 has so many great resources that we’ve relied upon over the years. They’ve helped us learn from other programs and keep up with the changing landscape. I’m extremely grateful to their team for helping our busy program stay up-to-date on what’s new and what it means for our program and our patients.

Research partnerships

Our EHD team collaborates with lung cancer researchers on innovative work that addresses health inequities and improves healthcare outcomes for people at risk or living with lung cancer.

If you would like to become a research partner, please contact us.